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As a Django developer, why do I use WordPress?

As a long time developer who has been part of building many sites on Python and Django, I had to select a platform for my own site, and I chose WordPress.


WordPress has disadvantages when it comes to security:

Nevertheless, WordPress has a rich ecosystem of themes and plugins, enabling one to set up a site in a matter of hours, and this functionality makes it the top CMS in the world, with a 50-60% market share, powering 32% of the Internet…

For any company wanting to run a high traffic site, with custom functionality maintained by a development team, with integrations into third party systems, Django is an excellent choice and I will continue to recommend it.

However for a relatively low traffic site, which will be monitored and maintained daily, deployed on a secure server, WordPress does the job at a very low budget.

How I maintain WordPress:

  • Virtual server at Digital Ocean, running Ubuntu Linux, with security updates installed ASAP
  • Separate WordPress instance as a testing or staging site, to test out updates to WordPress and to plugins before installing the updates on the live site
  • Tested backups
  • SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt
  • File transfers via ssh or sftp
  • Monitoring via Pingdom